Juv~Comm05 : Treviso, Bartholomaeus Confalonerius, (after May) 1478

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G. Merula, In satyras Iuuenalis enarrationes

Treviso (Italy): Bartholomaeus Confalonerius, 1479-06+
120pJuv~Comm05_A1v_BSB.jpg   120pJuv~Comm05_a1r_BSB.jpg   120pJuv~Comm05_colophon_BSB.jpg   120pJuv~Comm05_register_BSB.jpg
A1v, a1r, colophon, register — from the BSB digitised copy

Full description: Juv~Comm05.pdf

Collation: : A4 a–h I k–o8 p6; 122 leaves unnumbered, (first and last leaves blank).

Paper: Super-chancery (estimated sheet size: 44 x 31.5 cm; largest recorded page size: 29.5 x 21 cm)..

Catchwords and signatures: quire catchwords; signed $i–$iiii.

Selected references: HC 11091; BMC vi, 893; Dennis E. Rhodes, La stampa a Treviso nel secolo XV, Treviso, 1983, no. 75; Goff M502; IGI 6378; CIBN M-306; BodInc M-201; BSBInk M-339; GW M22913; ISTC im00502000

Copies seen: Chatsworth; Oxford: Bodleian; Paris: BNF; London: British Library (2 copies)

Other copies recorded: Auckland: PL; Berlin: SB; Bologna: Archiginnasio; Bourges: BM; Bury St Edmunds: Edward VI School; Cambridge: UL; Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL; Claremont (CA): Claremont Colleges; Copenhagen: KB; Ferrara: BCom; Foligno: BSem; Genoa: BDurazzo; Glasgow: UL; Leeuwarden: Buma Bibliotheek; Leiden: UL; Leipzig: UB; Los Angeles: UCLA; Manchester: Chetham's Library; Munich: BSB; New Haven: Yale UL (2 copies); New York: Columbia UL; Nuremberg: StB; Oxford: Corpus Christi College; Palermo: BComunale; Palermo: BRegionale; Paris: BNF; Parma: BPalatina; Rome: BCorsini; Rome: BU Alessandrina; Stonyhurst College; Strasbourg: BNU; Vatican; Venice: BCorrer; Verona: BCiv; Verona: Lic Maffei; Vienna: NB; Washington (DC): Library of Congress; Weissenburg: StArch; Wolfenbüttel: HAB; York Minster

Total number of copies recorded: 46

Digitised copies: BSB: http://nbn-resolving.de/urn/resolver.pl?urn=urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00067955-5

Other editions printed in the same year: 1478.

This edition reprinted from Juv~Comm04.

Commentaries included in this edition: G. Merula.

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Facts about "Juv~Comm05 : Treviso, Bartholomaeus Confalonerius, (after May) 1478"RDF feed
BibliographiesHC 11091 +, BMC vi, 893 +, Dennis E. Rhodes, La stampa a Treviso nel secolo XV, Treviso, 1983, no. 75 +, Goff M502 +, IGI 6378 +, CIBN M-306 +, BodInc M-201 +, BSBInk M-339 +, GW M22913 + and ISTC im00502000 +
Catchwordsquire catchwords +
CollationA4 a–h I k–o8 p6
CommentatorG. Merula +
Copies not seenAuckland: PL +, Berlin: SB +, Bologna: Archiginnasio +, Bourges: BM +, Bury St Edmunds: Edward VI School +, Cambridge: UL +, Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL +, Claremont (CA): Claremont Colleges +, Copenhagen: KB +, Ferrara: BCom +, Foligno: BSem +, Genoa: BDurazzo +, Glasgow: UL +, Leeuwarden: Buma Bibliotheek +, Leiden: UL +, Leipzig: UB +, Los Angeles: UCLA +, Manchester: Chetham's Library +, Munich: BSB +, New Haven: Yale UL (2 copies) +, New York: Columbia UL +, Nuremberg: StB +, Oxford: Corpus Christi College +, Palermo: BComunale +, Palermo: BRegionale +, Paris: BNF +, Parma: BPalatina +, Rome: BCorsini +, Rome: BU Alessandrina +, Stonyhurst College +, Strasbourg: BNU +, Vatican +, Venice: BCorrer +, Verona: BCiv +, Verona: Lic Maffei +, Vienna: NB +, Washington (DC): Library of Congress +, Weissenburg: StArch +, Wolfenbüttel: HAB + and York Minster +
Copies seenChatsworth +, Oxford: Bodleian +, Paris: BNF + and London: British Library (2 copies) +
Format +
HeadingG. Merula, In satyras Iuuenalis enarrationes +
Number of copies46 +
Page size29.5 x 21 cm +
Pagination122 leaves unnumbered, (first and last leaves blank) +
PaperSuper-chancery +
Publication date1479-06+ +
Sheet size44 x 31.5 cm +
Signatures$i–$iiii +
SourceJuv~Comm04 +
URLThis property is a special property in this wiki.BSB:%20http://nbn-resolving.de/urn/resolver.pl?urn=urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00067955-5 +
is CountryItaly +
is PrinterBartholomaeus Confalonerius +
is Printing TownTreviso +
is Year Date1478 +