Juv149 : Venice, Francesco de Bindonis and Mapheo Pasini, 1548

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David Shaw


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Juvenal, with the commentaries of J. Britannicus and J. Badius, with new prose arguments

Venice (Italy): Francesco de Bindonis and Mapheo Pasini, 1548
120pJuv149_tp_Rome-BNC.jpg   120pJuv149_A1r_Rome-BNC.jpg   120pJuv149_colophon_Rome-BNC.jpg   120pJuv149_device_Rome-BNC.jpg
Title page, A1r, colophon and device — from the digitised BNC Rome copy

Full description: Juv149.pdf

Collation: : *6, A–S8; 150 leaves (S8 blank), ff. [6] 1–143 [1].

Paper: Super-chancery (estimated sheet size: 42 x 32.5 cm; largest recorded page size: 30.5 x 21 cm).
75 edition sheets.

Catchwords and signatures: leaf catchwords; signed $–$ 4.

Selected references: Renouard, Badius, ii, 543, no 16; Adams J-763; Sander 3740b; EDIT16 23471; USTC 836782

Copies seen: Brussels: BR; London: British Library; Oxford: Bodleian

Other copies recorded: Acireale: BCom; Alençon: BM; Alessandria: BCiv; Assisi: BCom; Berkeley (CA): UC Berkeley Library; Berlin: UB der Freien Universität; Bordeaux: BM; Bristol: PL; Brescia: BQuerini; Budapest: Acad; Cáceres: BPública (2 copies); Cambridge: UL; Cambridge: UL (Peterborough); Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL; Camerino: BCom; Casale Monferrato: B del Seminario vescovile; Cassino: Biblioteca statale del Monumento nazionale di Montecassino; Chiavari: B Soc Economica; Chicago: UL; Chieti: BProv; Cordoba: BPublica (2 copies); Dessau: LB; Dresden: SLUB; Faenza: BCom; Faenza: BLiceo ginnasio statale; Florence: BMarucelliana; Florence: BNC; Göttingen: SUB; Gorizia: BStatale; Greifswald: UB; Gubbio: BCom; Heidelberg: UB; Imola: BSeminario Diocesano; Ithaca (NY): Cornell UL; Leeuwarden: Buma Bibliotheek; Leipzig: UB; Lucca: BStatale; Macerata: BU; Madrid: BNE; Maredsous: Abbaye; Mistretta: BCom; Monreale: BCom; Monza: BCiv; Naples: BN; Naples: B Ponticia Facoltà teologica; New Haven: Yale UL (2 copies); New York: Columbia UL; Oxford: Jesus College; Padua: BSeminario Vescovile (3 copies); Palazzolo sull'Oglio: BCom; Parma: BPalatina; Pavia: BSem vescovile; Pesaro: BOliveriana; Perugia: B Abbazia S Pietro; Perugia: BSem arcivescovile; Piacenza: BCom; Pistoia: BLeoniana; Prato: BRoncioniana; Rome: BAngelica; Rome: BLancisiana; Rome: BNC (3 copies); Rome: BU Alessandrina; Rome: BVallicelliana; Rome: BCollegio Nazareno; Rovereto: BCivica; San Severino Marche: BCom; Siracusa: BAlagoniana; Soria (Castilla y Leon), Burgo de Osma: Seminario Diocesano; Stanford (CA): Stanford UL; Terni: BCom; Trapani: BFardelliana; Trecastagni: BCom (2 copies); Treviso: BCom; Trieste: BCiv; Urbana (IL): Illinois UL; Vatican; Venegono: BSem; Venice: BMarciana; Venice: BQuerini Stampalia; Vercelli: BCiv; Verona: BCiv; Verona: BAccad filarmonica; Vicenza: BCiv; Vizzini: BCom

Total number of copies recorded: 96

Digitised copies: Rome, BNC: https://books.google.it/books?id=8DChnXiib5MCURIs of the form "Rome, BNC: https://books.google.it/books?id=8DChnXiib5MC%22 are not allowed.

Other editions printed in the same year: 1548.

This edition reprinted from Juv135.

Commentaries included in this edition: J. Britannicus; J. Badius.

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BibliographiesRenouard, Badius, ii, 543, no 16 +, Adams J-763 +, Sander 3740b +, EDIT16 23471 + and USTC 836782 +
Catchwordsleaf catchwords +
Collation*6, A–S8
CommentatorJ. Britannicus + and J. Badius +
Copies not seenAcireale: BCom +, Alençon: BM +, Alessandria: BCiv +, Assisi: BCom +, Berkeley (CA): UC Berkeley Library +, Berlin: UB der Freien Universität +, Bordeaux: BM +, Bristol: PL +, Brescia: BQuerini +, Budapest: Acad +, Cáceres: BPública (2 copies) +, Cambridge: UL +, Cambridge: UL (Peterborough) +, Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL +, Camerino: BCom +, Casale Monferrato: B del Seminario vescovile +, Cassino: Biblioteca statale del Monumento nazionale di Montecassino +, Chiavari: B Soc Economica +, Chicago: UL +, Chieti: BProv +, Cordoba: BPublica (2 copies) +, Dessau: LB +, Dresden: SLUB +, Faenza: BCom +, Faenza: BLiceo ginnasio statale +, Florence: BMarucelliana +, Florence: BNC +, Göttingen: SUB +, Gorizia: BStatale +, Greifswald: UB +, Gubbio: BCom +, Heidelberg: UB +, Imola: BSeminario Diocesano +, Ithaca (NY): Cornell UL +, Leeuwarden: Buma Bibliotheek +, Leipzig: UB +, Lucca: BStatale +, Macerata: BU +, Madrid: BNE +, Maredsous: Abbaye +, Mistretta: BCom +, Monreale: BCom +, Monza: BCiv +, Naples: BN +, Naples: B Ponticia Facoltà teologica +, New Haven: Yale UL (2 copies) +, New York: Columbia UL +, Oxford: Jesus College +, Padua: BSeminario Vescovile (3 copies) +, Palazzolo sull'Oglio: BCom +, Parma: BPalatina +, Pavia: BSem vescovile +, Pesaro: BOliveriana +, Perugia: B Abbazia S Pietro +, Perugia: BSem arcivescovile +, Piacenza: BCom +, Pistoia: BLeoniana +, Prato: BRoncioniana +, Rome: BAngelica +, Rome: BLancisiana +, Rome: BNC (3 copies) +, Rome: BU Alessandrina +, Rome: BVallicelliana +, Rome: BCollegio Nazareno +, Rovereto: BCivica +, San Severino Marche: BCom +, Siracusa: BAlagoniana +, Soria (Castilla y Leon), Burgo de Osma: Seminario Diocesano +, Stanford (CA): Stanford UL +, Terni: BCom +, Trapani: BFardelliana +, Trecastagni: BCom (2 copies) +, Treviso: BCom +, Trieste: BCiv +, Urbana (IL): Illinois UL +, Vatican +, Venegono: BSem +, Venice: BMarciana +, Venice: BQuerini Stampalia +, Vercelli: BCiv +, Verona: BCiv +, Verona: BAccad filarmonica +, Vicenza: BCiv + and Vizzini: BCom +
Copies seenBrussels: BR +, London: British Library + and Oxford: Bodleian +
Edition sheets75 +
Format +
HeadingJuvenal, with the commentaries of J. Britannicus and J. Badius, with new prose arguments +
Number of copies96 +
Page size30.5 x 21 cm +
Pagination150 leaves (S8 blank), ff. [6] 1–143 [1] +
PaperSuper-chancery +
Publication date1548 +
Sheet size42 x 32.5 cm +
Signatures$–$ 4 +
SourceJuv135 +
URLThis property is a special property in this wiki.
is CountryItaly +
is PrinterFrancesco de Bindonis + and Mapheo Pasini +
is Printing TownVenice +
is Year Date1548 +