Juv092 : Venice, Georgius de Rusconibus, 10 December 1515

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David Shaw


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Juvenal, with the commentary of J. Britannicus, and the Carmen of Pamphilus Saxus

Venice (Italy): Georgius de Rusconibus, 1515-12-10
120pJuv092_tp_Florence.jpg   120pJuv092_b1r_Florence.jpg   120pJuv092_colophon_Florence.jpg
Title page, b1r and colophon — from Florence digitised copy
: a6 b–q8 r6; 132 leaves, ff. [6] i 2–126.
Catchwords and signatures
no catchwords; signed $–$ iiii.
Selected references
Panzer, viii, 426, no.735; Sander 3737; Graesse, iii, 518; Lucia Gasperoni, Gli annali di Giorgio Rusconi (1500–1522), Rome, 2009 , no. 98; EDIT16 30006; USTC 836766
Copies seen
Paris: BNF
Other copies recorded
Budapest: Acad; Camerino: BCom; Cava dei Tirreni: BStatale; Florence: BNC; Göttingen: SUB; Lisbon: BN; Lucca: BStatale; New Haven: Yale UL; Orvieto: BPub; Palazzolo sull'Oglio: BCom; Paris: Ste Geneviève; Rome: BAngelica; Santander: Biblioteca de Menéndez Pelayo; Todi: BCom; Treviso: BCom; Turin: BCiv; Vatican (2 copies); Venice: BMarciana; Vercelli: B del Museo Camillo Leone; Vienna: NB (2 copies); Vienna: UB
Total number of copies recorded
Digitised copies
Florence: http://teca.bncf.firenze.sbn.it/ImageViewer/servlet/ImageViewer?idr=BNCF0003155776#page/1/mode/1up
Other editions printed in the same year
This edition reprinted from Juv076.
Full description
Commentaries included in this edition
J. Britannicus.
Authors of preliminary and other ancillary matter
Pamphilus Saxus.
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